Stephen Valle ScD, MBA

Accountability: behaviour change

Stephen K Valle ScD, MBA, is a recognized leader and international expert in the addiction, criminal justice, and mental health fields. In 1993, he was nominated by Senator Harold E Hughes to serve as director of the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in the Clinton administration. In 2010, he was invited to address Parliament’s House of Lords All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Misuse regarding prison reform and addiction issues in the UK and the US.

Dr Valle is the founder of Accountability Training, a behaviour change model for offenders with addiction. In 1996, he converted his former home in Massachusetts, into a sober residence and founded Grace House. Grace House was the first Oxford House for men and women without a home and recently released offenders with addiction and co-occurring problems in the state. The conceptual framework of his Accountability Training model grew out of his unique connection with the residents of Grace House and with other offenders in the many programmes he established throughout the US.

A licensed psychologist and licensed alcohol and drug abuse counsellor, Dr. Valle was president and CEO of AdCare Criminal Justices Services, an affiliate of AdCare Hospital, in MA for 25 years. He is currently chairman of Valle Management Associates Inc, an international addictions and behavioural health consulting company. He is the author of over a dozen journal articles and of Alcoholism Counseling: Issues for an Emerging Profession, and was the editor of Drunk Driving in America: Strategies and Approaches to Treatment and an associate editor of Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly.