Piet Jansen

Treating 13-25 year olds

Piet Jansen is managing director at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, where he has been working since 2015. Yes We Can is recognised as the world-leading treatment centre for 13-25 year olds suffering from a wide array of mental health issues, addictions and related behavioural disorders. With the highest staff to client ratio in Europe (400+ staff vs 170 beds) over 8,000 young people have been through the Yes We Can programme and gone on to rebuild their lives.

Piet Jansen is of Dutch origin, yet a true internationalist having studied International Affairs and having lived in Salamanca, London and Bordeaux, travelling the world to build a network of like-minded professionals to help as many families in need as possible.

His mission is to create a world-leading environment where every young person can feel safe and be given a reason to change. “Young people getting their lives back on track motivates me to carry this message around the globe. Seeing hope and joy return in the lives of others is my raison d’être. There is nothing more powerful than seeing these apparently broken flowers reach for the sun and stand straight again.”