Jim Holsomback MA, ABT

McLean Hospital Supporting families in recovery

Jim Holsomback serves as the director of Marketing and Clinical Outreach for McLean Hospital. He previously served as the director of adolescent clinical education and has extensive experience working with adolescents and families and with psychiatric programs and hospitals across the country. His leadership role in clinical outreach provides an opportunity to continue working with clinicians to provide awareness and access to services for families, nationally and internationally.

Jim has a particular interest in working with adolescent and families that have experienced trauma and have exhibited trauma-related behaviors that preclude them from accessing their personal, academic, and professional strengths. He finds assisting family systems understand and access evidence-based treatment to help patients and families regain their interests, relationships, and lives is particularly rewarding.

He  has earned a BA in Psychology, University of Rochester (1994) and MA (ABT) in Child Development, Tufts University (1997).