James Hansen BSc (Hons)

ADHD and addiction

James specialises in addictions counselling, is an advanced addictions practitioner, and an ADHD life coach.

With over 10 years’ experience in the ADHD field and more than 20 years in the addiction field, James has a rich background of both knowledge and lived experience with addiction and ADHD.
Over the last 20 years, James has worked in numerous roles in addiction services across the UK. His experience extends to community drug and alcohol services, working in the criminal justice system and delivering lectures on Addictions & ADHD in the prison system.
Diagnosed with ADHD at 37, James dedicates himself to researching ADHD and advocating for improved services for individuals with this neurological condition. As an advocate and ADHD coach, he recognises the importance of simultaneously addressing ADHD and addiction.
James champions effective learning and management strategies for ADHD, offering support through both holistic therapy and assistance with medication support.

In 2018, he founded JH Counselling Solutions Ltd, establishing a robust network and partnerships with numerous rehabilitation centers nationwide. He collaborates closely with clinics specialising in ADHD diagnosis and travels this journey with clients. James recently developed a 12-Week Escape the Chaos Program for individuals coping with Addiction and/or ADHD.

James has most recently taken on the role of the ADHD consultant at Clouds House, providing comprehensive support to clients. He is committed to helping them lead a life free from drugs, including alcohol, while effectively assisting clients to manage their ADHD symptoms.