Gail T As Charged

Composer, singer - Wings

Addiction can be a complex and painful experience to watch someone go through, especially a loved one. When Gail Taylor was writing the song “Wings,” she wanted to create an emotional support song for those who have had those experiences.

Also known as Gail T as Charged, she released the song during Mental Health Week in Canada, when people are encouraged to celebrate and promote mental health in the first week of May, with this year’s theme being empathy.

All of Taylor’s songs are based on her life, and she turns them into inspirational stories to make people feel good. “I have a son who was in active addiction for a couple of decades, so I know firsthand what it’s like to love somebody that’s addicted to opioids or anything else,” Taylor says.

“It’s so hard on the loved ones,” she says. “Everybody knows somebody that’s struggling with it. The loved ones end up with anxiety disorders, depression, and they end up with survivor’s guilt.”

There is more than one meaning to the song. “Wings” also shares the message of giving yourself permission to be happy.

“I was really inspired to get that message out there that you’re allowed to be happy. You don’t have to feel guilty that you’re having a good day, even though you have somebody you love that’s not,” she adds.

“We want to be their wings until they learn to fly, but we can’t,” she says. “You do not get to control another person’s journey. You get to control your own journey, and that’s it.”