DJ ‘Fat’ Tony (Marnach)

DJ, recovery activist, LGBTQii issues and recovery

If you’ve lived under a rock for the past three decades, DJ Fat Tony is the mover and shaker of the industry. It all started in 1980s, when Freddy Mercury offered Tony his first line of cocaine. Tony’s love for partying led to him becoming a famous DJ on London’s night scene.

Now with an international reputation, he is often booked to play influential events and clubs around the world from New York to Sydney to Greece, and is as embraced by the gay community as he is the straight scene. Tony has DJ’d for Prince and the Pet Shop Boys, Sade and Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Boy George as well as Madonna, among others.

He has been open about being in recovery from addiction and privately has guided many people into treatment and recovery. Projects here include drug-free club nights and his work with Antidote and Allington House for chemsex support and treatment.

Watch his 15-minute video: The Most Famous DJ You’ve Never Heard Of

And his YouTube videos.

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