Championing recovery: treatment and policy

Edward Day was appointed as the government’s Drug Recovery Champion in May 2019 to ensure the best treatment and support for people recovering from drug misuse. He seeks to address the stigma faced by people with drug or alcohol issues when it comes to finding work and securing housing. He also acts as a ministerial envoy, visiting communities, treatment providers and local recovery champions. He updates the Drug Strategy Board on progress on the delivery plan, as well as recommendations for improvements in services that promote recovery. DB Recovery+ Ukesad was the 1st conference at which Ed presented in this governmental role; he updates on developments since then.

Learning objectives: At the end of this presentation, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify with first-hand knowledge the goals of the government’s first recovery champion
  • Discuss the status quo of alcohol and drug treatment today
  • Feedback experiences and challenges which need to be addressed for the good of the field

The speaker will be attending the conference throughout the day and is not only open to discussions about issues in the field but actively seeking them.