Presentations 2024

for DB Recovery+UKESAD delegates

Presentations’ file sizes have been reduced, for easier downloading –
some were originally almost 300Mb!


Niall Campbell-Michele Morphitis – Spirituality 

Jeane Coetze-Siobhan Alford – Suicide risk

Ed Day – Recovery in universities

Jas Grewal – Anxiety and Addiction

Paula Hall – Porn addiction

Jim Holsomback – Family systems recovery

John Kelly – Recovery research past 20 years

Don Lavender – Family systems in recovery

Judith Mohring – Hormones and mental health

Jagoda Perzanowska, Lee Fernandes – Technology

Claudia Schwarz – Collaborative MDT Treatments

Shinasa Shahid – Black asian minority

David Sidwick – Commissioning

Matt Thomas-James Hansen – Addiction and ADHD  

Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor – Drugs in Terrorism  

Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor – Drugs, terrorism, PTSD

Steve Valle – NAADAC

Christina Veselak – Beyond dopamine

Annemarie Ward – Recovery Walk-Right to Recovery bill