Colleen Lally

Recovery yoga - chair yoga exercises

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Towards the end of the conference, to relax delegates and help you unwind before travelling home (or out on the town), Colleen Lally will conduct a session of 'chair yoga' for people in recovery.

Colleen is a yoga and mindfulness practitioner, specialising in substance abuse recovery and how addiction affects the whole family. Colleen has been actively involved in the cycle of addiction, relapse and recovery since her childhood. Based on her personal experiences as a child of alcohol dependent parents, Colleen founded Splendour Wellness. Splendour Wellness provides peer support, yoga and mindfulness practices to those affected by substance abuse to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while improving their overall mental wellbeing.

Colleen has been studying and practicing yoga for over 16 years and teaching since 2016. She originally trained in vinyasa yoga, but as her awareness of the inextricable link between mind and body grew, her style of yoga changed to include gentler and restorative yoga postures, breathe work and mindfulness techniques. Her approach is methodical and introspective, allowing her clients to shift their nervous system out of fight-or-flight into a deeply felt relaxation - all of which are beneficial to recovery.

Currently Colleen is working with Forces in Mind Trust, University of York and Adfam on a peer support model for families of ex-service personnel with substance abuse problems. This research report will provide the much needed scientific evidence required to understand the experiences and needs of the UK Armed Forces families in order to develop a UK-wide peer support model for this underserved population.