Ken Seeley

How interventionists and therapists can unite to improve outcomes

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Ken Seeley’s Seeley’s remarkable success rate has turned him into one of the most sought-after interventionists in the US and  internationally. 

His personal experience of addiction and recovery fuels his desire to impact others in similar situations.  Ken grasps the full understanding of the addict’s behaviour.  His innate compassion for fellow addicts continually bolsters his ability to connect and communicate with addicts and their families.  Ken's own recovery is an asset that has become a valuable catalyst in Intervention 911’s and Ken Seeley Community’s impressive results.

Doctors and health care professionals look to people like Ken to solve their patient’s addiction and mental health issues.  His knowledge and unique perspective have also made him the #1 go-to expert on the subject of addiction and intervention with the media, where he’s a regular contributor for CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and others.


Bridging the Gap:  How interventionists and therapists can collaborate to provide a seamless client experience


Often times, an interventionist works with families to help create a robust start to the recovery process but lack of collaboration and understanding of roles can lead to challenging relationships between treatment center, therapist and interventionists.  Developing a deeper understanding of how the therapist and interventionist can collaborate, can help create a more consistent and beneficial experience for the client, family and treatment team.

Learning objectives ~ attendees will:

  • Identify potential challenges in communication between interventionists and therapist
  • Have a deeper understanding of how to leverage the work of interventionist to benefit the treatment experience
  • Collaborate with families to help bring about more dynamic change in the family system