Hilary Thompson Betts

Recover from narcissists

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Hilary Thompson Betts' passion is facilitating Trauma Reduction workshops,  an experiential therapeutic process which assists in releasing frustrating and painful emotions, thereby empowering people to be free from past trauma.

She began her journey into understanding addiction in 1997 and started to work in the field in 2000. She received her Master of Science degree in Addiction Psychology and Counselling from the University of Greenwich in 2006. Also in 2006, she further trained in Post Induction Therapy and several intensives with Pia Mellody, of the Meadows in Arizona USA, (Inner Child and Trauma/Shame Reduction) to allow her to work with ‘Survivor’s’ of Childhood Abuse/Trauma. She also completed intensive training for Sexual Addiction with Maureen Canning, also of the Meadows, Arizona, USA.

Since leaving the Priory in 2012, Hilary’s clinical work extends to her private practice in Harley Street, central London, and Sandy, Bedfordshire, treating individuals, couples, and families, and ‘Survivor’s’ Workshops.


Hilary has over 18 years' experience in the addiction treatment field and has dedicated her work to giving back by supporting individual’s into awareness, healing and accessing recovery, and bringing hope for the future. She held a senior managerial position at the Priory Hospital North London, in Southgate, and played a key role in launching a successful survivor’s/trauma programme, in the same setting, specifically to meet the needs of adult survivor’s of childhood trauma. This work was dedicated to supporting individuals by treating addiction and trauma. She was also clinical director at Sanctuary Lodge.

Hilary’s industry experience in addiction and trauma, in co-dependence and love addicted/love avoidant behaviour, makes her uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the growing number of individuals seeking recovery from the symptoms of addiction, and the underlying trauma issues that cause life-long patterns of self-destructive behaviour.

Since leaving the Priory in February (2012), Hilary’s clinical work now extends to her private counselling practice in Central London, and Sandy in Bedfordshire, treating individuals, couples and family counselling.