Justin Marsh

Sex & porn addiction and relationships

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Justin Marsh is a qualified therapist as well as director and clinical associate at the Laurel Centre.

Justin is a qualified relationship therapist and holds specialisms in both sex addiction and autistic spectrum disorder. He has a background in the charity sector where he was the operational lead of a therapy service. 

Justin facilitates recovery programmes for both men and women struggling with addictive and compulsive sexual behaviours as well as for their partners and has developed the successful onine video conferencing recovery groups, training and supervising group facilitators. Alongside this group work, Justin also works with individual clients struggling with sex addiction, their partners and couples. 

Justin has a warm and friendly approach to therapy. He has the ability to put people at ease and is confident in the potential that clients have in themselves to achieve active and ongoing recovery. 

Justin is a clinical associate with Paula Hall an organisation which offers individually tailored sex addiction therapy and porn addiction therapy in London and around the UK. This enables people to understand the behaviour, provide counselling and develop tools to prevent relapse and start living the life you want to lead. Whether it’s compulsive use of pornography, visiting sex workers, cruising, using adult hook-up apps, multiple affairs or any other kind of sexual behaviour, our team is here to support you through the process of recovery. The Laurel Centre has over 40 years' clinical experience in sex addiction therapy and porn addiction therapy and have successfully worked with hundreds of clients, including partners, using its internationally recognised treatment models and interventions.