Join the ONLY in-person addiction treatment+recovery conference scheduled in 2021!

The event is not only about the superlative presenters and information to save/enhance lives. 
More than ever, people need in-person connection, personal catchups, to pick up vibes+hope+optimism.


DB Recovery+ McLean Deconstructing Stigma Awards 2021

Important preliminary information







Deadline for nominations:  2 April 2021                                       Awards Dinner: 1 July 2021

Reasons to enter.  There are many reasons why you should enter McLean-DB Recovery+ Awards, including: 

Picking up an award proves that all the hard work was worth it. It gives teams and individuals the energy to keep pushing boundaries for another year.

Relationship building
It’s good to be reminded of why you work with great partners. Having the collaboration recognised by the industry is powerful stuff. Even more so if you all come along to the awards night to celebrate and pick up the trophy together.

If you’re picking up awards, you can also pick up the interest of new talent. You can expect smart people to be knocking at your door to see if you have a desk for them.

There’s no better way of getting publicity than for being excellent. The McLean Hospital and DB Recovery Resources teams will inform national & international media, and their databases of relevant contacts. In addition, the daily DB Recovery+ News and the monthly Recovery Plus journal will promote the winners of the awards to their readers. That’s no small deal. We recommend that you use an award win for further PR opportunities, too. If you achieve something this special, you should make a noise about it.

Put your Awards Certificate on your wall
Let your clients and potential clients know you have been recognised as pre-eminent among your peers. Previous winners have also added their Award to their e-signatures.

Knees up
Of course, what some might consider the most important part, is the awards show and our award show is legendary. They’re a great opportunity to reward your staff and let your hair down. The Award winners get a free place and can bring a complimentary guest also. Colleagues can attend at a highly-subsidised rate.

Business development
Your customers and peers are always on the look-out for examples of best practice, the best work and the best people. A few extra trophies will give you a real advantage when you’re growing your business.

All winners get a framed certificate to put on their wall,
... and entry to the Recovery Awards Dinner
... and entry for a companion/colleague of your choice
... and a replica Oscar to display
... and free publicity in the daily DB Recovery News, Recovery Plus journal and more
... and some surprise gifts.

Categories.  We seek to recognise champions / lifetime achievers in the following categories, helping individuals and families into recovery:

  • Champion ~ grassroots movement(s)
  • Peer recovery champion
  • Rehab CEO of the year/lifetime achievement
  • Drugs prevention
  • Lawyer of the decade/lifetime achievement ~ esp. helping lawyers into recovery
  • Doctor of the decade/lifetime achievement ~ esp. helping doctors into recovery
  • Politician of the year
  • Recovery journalist of the year
  • Recovery researcher of the year
  • Addiction therapist of the year/lifetime achievement
  • Addiction-treatment commissioner of the year
  • Veterans champion ~ helping service men/women into recovery.


How to nominate a recovery star.  The McLean-DB Recovery+ Awards are free to enter, and open to anyone who can provide evidence of an individual’s or organisation’s recovery endeavours. All you need do is email by  2 April 2021 with the following information:

  1. your own name and contact details
  2. your candidate’s name, contact details and (if applicable) their job title and organisation where they work
  3. no more than 450 words describing how your candidate goes/went “above and beyond the call of duty” in one of the categories below.

Simple rules: 

  • All submissions must be made online, and in Word format.
  • The judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries that in their view are entered in an incorrect category. The judges also reserve the right to remove categories where entries do not meet the standard for nomination. Individual judges can also make nominations, to be judged by the rest of the committee.
  • The judges’ committee decision is final.  Due to the number of entries received, the awards cannot give feedback on individual entries.

How will my entry be judged?  After the entry deadline, the judging panel will be given access to read your submission and view, where applicable, your images and links. The judging panel will be looking for evidence of:

  • Clear and concise outcomes
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness
  • Integrity
  • Creative thinking
  • Dedication and efforts that go above and beyond.


After the panel has carried out its pre-judging, it will together discuss the entries and decide on the finalists, commendations and award winners.

The Recovery Awards Dinner + Ceremony

Celebrate in style!

  Date: Thursday 1 July, by invitation only 
  Venue: Tower Hotel, London
  Time: 7pm
  Dress code: smart

The Awards Dinner is your opportunity to showcase your own successes and/or those of others you admire, and signify the quality of your work. It’s the perfect occasion to gain recognition for your hard work, network with leading figures and decision makers and celebrate your achievements with your team.

Previous winners:  Award categories + unsung heroes 2017.


Champion ~ grassroots movement(s)
Annemarie Ward ~ work on Faces And Voices Of Recovery UK (Favor UK)
Peer recovery champion
Clare Kennedy ~ work via Kennedy Street & Co CIC
Lifetime achievement ~ drugs prevention
Mary Brett ~ educating politicians to protect children from drugs
Lifetime achievement ~ lawyer
Jonathan Goodliffe ~ educating legal profession + guiding them to recovery
Politician of the year
Jonathan Ashworth, for his work supporting children of alcoholics
Recovery journalist of the year
UK:  Steve Doughty   US: Louise Stanger (blogs)
Recovery researcher of the year
Michelle Taylor, Bristol University ~ study proving cannabis is gateway drug
Lifetime achievement ~ addiction therapist
Max Cohen ~ the essence of discretion
Addiction-treatment commissioner of the year
Anthony Bullock ~ integrated services
Lifetime achievement ~ psychiatrist
Professor Colin Drummond